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My Sassy Girl (2001) 137mins PG Comedy

Saturday, 07 Jan 2017

Theatrette, 6.00pm

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Saturday & Sunday, 7 & 8 January

Showtimes: 6.00pm & 9.00pm

Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun


Based on a series of true stories posted by Kim Ho-Sik on the Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend, this was later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. It describes the meeting of Kyun-Woo (Cha) and an unnamed girl. Kyun-Woo is shamed into assisting the girl because the other passengers mistakenly think she is his girlfriend. Once he helps her, Kyun-Woo develops a deep sense of responsibility for her which enables him to tolerate the girl's abuses.