The Tea Room is a haven: a calm oasis to gather one's strength. The Tea Room has a comfortable, yet elegant ambience where adult Members can enjoy the uniquely 'English tea' experience, with a fine selection of sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and of course, a variety of teas. Step into our oasis, and give yourself the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Walk-in Only | For enquiries on our promotions, please call

+65 6622 0432 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 6.00pm)

+65 6622 0555 (After Office Hours)

Featuring Pastry Chef Travis Tay

With a creative flair, sense of precision and over a decade of culinary experience in establishments including world-class hotels and upscale restaurants, Pastry Chef Travis Tay is indeed an artisan in the kitchen. His creations are not only a delight to the eye but the palate as well.


Operating Hours


10.00am to 8.00pm (Last order: 7.30pm)

Rules & Regulations

General Dress Code

Members, guests and children are required to be presentably dressed at all times in a manner consistent with the character and standing of the Club.

Members, guests or children who are considered to be incorrectly attired may be refused entry or requested to leave the Club, or any part thereof, by a Member of the General Committee or the Management.

The General Committee may, from time to time, vary the dress codes set out herein for particular events or functions. Such variations will be made clear in the publicity for such events or functions.

Unless otherwise specified herein (for example, in the Churchill Room), the dress code in all parts of the Club (to be known as “Club Standard”) shall be:



(i) Shirt (including polo shirt) with collar; or safari jacket; trousers; with closed type shoes. Socks must be worn in the Churchill Room.

(ii) Formal national attire of the wearer.


(i) Dress, skirt or trousers with suitable top or blouse; shoes.

(ii) Formal national attire of the wearer.


Boys: Shirt (including polo shirt) with collar; trousers or shorts; with closed type shoes.

Girls: Dress, skirts or trousers with suitable top or blouse; shoes.


Cut, frayed, tattered or dirty items of dress are not permitted in any part of the Club.

No racist, anti-religious or offensive slogans or wordings allowed on any part of the attire.

Outdoor headgear shall not be worn within the Main Clubhouse other than personal religious headgear.

No sports attire or jogging, trainer or similar shoes may be worn within the Clubhouse unless walking through the Main Lobby to or from the Sports Complex.

Swimwear or wet exercise clothes are not allowed at all Food & Beverage outlets excluding the outdoor dining area & patio of the Wheelhouse Restaurant.

Bulky sports equipment bags example golf, tennis or squash racquet bags are not allowed in all Food & Beverage outlets. They may be stored in lockers in the Changing Rooms or at the Main Reception.


Tea Room Dress Code

Subject to the provisions of the above, the following are permitted in the Tea Room:

(a) Jeans

(b) Collarless and Sports T-shirts (Singlets excluded)

(c) Shorts

(d) Military fatigues or equivalent dress

(e) Casual Footwear (Flip flops and slippers excluded unless visiting the Takeaway area of the Tea Room)


Child Policy

Children above 14 years of age are allowed in the Tea Room if accompanied by their parents/guardians.