News & Updates

Enhancing Tanglin’s Safety and Exclusivity

In response to the callout for a more exclusive and secured Club, we have been increasing our security efforts. Now that guest parking has been permanently relocated to the Sports Complex, the removal of guest traffic by the Jackpot Room has made it possible for us to install a new glass sliding door entrance with a proximity tap access system. This was installed in early July for activation on 1 August 2016.

Please have your membership card with you to ensure seamless access to the Club. Should there be any issues with your card, do drop by the Admin Office on Level 4 of the Sports Complex on weekdays from 9.00am to 6.00pm (excluding public holidays), for our Membership Team to assist you.

Last year, we modified procedures that required Members to tap in at the Sports Complex, and we also installed proximity tap access on Level 2 as well as the poolside gate. This year, we’ve also secured an additional five back of house access points with new devices to control access and soon we will be rolling out an upgrade of our CCTV cameras. This shift towards using security equipment also means that we have been able to modify our security payroll costs downward by approximately $50,000 per annum.

Please Update Your Particulars

We have numerous requests from Members for greater access control to prevent non-Members using the Club on their own, which we agree is both unfair to Members, who paid a sizeable entrance fee and monthly subscription, and an undesirable outcome for a Club of Tanglin’s stature. Further, given today’s geo-political environment, a step toward tightening up access is frequently requested and this step helps to further secure the Club.

As we improve on the car park IU access to prevent unauthorised entry into the Club, please ensure your car registration is correct and current. Please note that one car park label is accorded to Single Membership and two car park labels for Couple Membership. Members, be sure to update your particulars and your family’s so as to continue to enjoy seamless access in the Club.

Please inform the Club of your new particulars:

- your email address,

- telephone or mobile number,

- mailing address,

- passport number and FIN particulars,

- marriage, and

- children details,

- car de-cal and IU, etc.

Email the Membership department at, indicating your membership number and new details.

Guest Parking

Following the successful guest parking only at the Sports Complex trial, the 2015/16 General Committee has determined its permanency.

Members seeking guest parking should advise their guests’ names and vehicle registration numbers, along with their name and membership number, to the Front Office via any of the below methods:

- SMS / Whatsapp 9011 0611*

- Email 

*A gentle reminder to note the correct number.

Our Front Office team will confirm receipt of your email or text message during operating hours (7.00am to 11.00pm daily). Given the availability of bays, we encourage you to reserve 24 hours in advance, to optimise your chances of securing parking for your guest. As is the policy, a Member can register a maximum of 2 guest cars at any point. Please understand that there is no guarantee that your guest will be granted a spot, as parking lots are available for guests on a first-come first-served basis and upon availability.

Do you know about LBBS? Continuing the Tanglin Legacy

Under the Limited Buy Back Scheme (LBBS), Members can sell their Membership to the Club for half the prevailing $50,000 entrance fee, which means that the Seller will receive $25,000 in the sale transaction. Any Ordinary or Life Member of the Club can register as a Seller and tender his membership for buy back as long as his or her monthly subscriptions have been fully paid for the preceding six months, and continue to be paid until the Club confirms completion of the sale to the new Member. Please note that this scheme is not applicable to Permanent Absent Members.

A parent Member can transfer his Membership to his or her child/grandchild, provided the child/grandchild is at least aged 25 and on the Waiting List as of 18 May 2015. However, the parent Member will have to forgo the $25,000 Seller’s fee and the child/grandchild still pays the full $50,000 prevailing entrance fee.

If you are interested to sign up for the LBBS, do fill in the form available at the Front Office or contact the Membership Department at