Term Membership is an alternative form of Membership for expatriates whose stay in Singapore is for a limited duration. Prospective Members would need to be proposed and seconded by two Active Ordinary Members of the Club with a minimum of three years Membership.


Term Membership is valid for one year and is renewable up to a maximum of three years at an annual fee of S$6,000. Monthly subscription is S$85.00 (Single) and S$170.00 (Couple). Fixed Deposit is S$1,500 (refundable at the expiration of the Membership).


Term Members may at any time apply to convert their Membership to Ordinary at the prevailing entrance fee subject to availability. The Club is currently reciprocated with 135 Clubs worldwide.

Term Membership

Annual Fee


Monthly Subscription

Single: S$85 / Couple: S$170

Fixed Deposit